I am a writer and musician based in the Burlington, Vermont area. I grew up in New Hampshire and made attempts at a life in southern California a few years back as well. I've been unable to shake this songwriting bug that I caught years ago so I keep putting out music one way or the other. It is important to me to have a space to share my work. I've also dabbled in fiction writing, and I finished my debut novel a few years back. 

My music is folk-rock in nature, but I've had other recordings that have explored ambient and light electronic textures as well. I try to experiment here and there and I don't stress out about genres when I'm writing or in the studio. My most recent release was Acts of American Homes, an album that Seven Days called "A deep and honest self portrait" and the Burlington Free Press named one of the top local albums of 2015. 

In addition to my previous songwriting projects (Deep River Saints, Cities on the Moon, Other Cities) I've been playing bass since I was a kid. I've been involved in jazz-rock and funk bands in the past with groups like What's Good and Phantom Airwave.

At the moment, I am hard at work on my next album, a still-untitled collection of songs mostly about reminiscence, nostalgia, and old friends. I wrote a blog post with more details and a little backstory of my goals for this new project. While you wait for the release sometime in 2017, please take a moment to listen to a selection of previous releases

Questions? Contact me. 

Patrick Crowley has a soaring voice and a knack for thoughtful country-folk-rock tunes that manage to be sweet, melancholy and rousing all at once.
— Brent Hallenbeck, Burlington Free Press